Orgacure® Freshcut


Innovative improvement is what makes Orgacure® Freshcut unique.

Orgacure® Freshcut is a sanitizing solutions for fresh produce, bringing along great advantages for producers and are also of interest for the consumer of fresh produce.

Do you work with peeled, cut or otherwise processed raw fruits and vegetables? Our product in combination with our services minimizes costs, effort and maximizes profit. The key herein is a standardized solution, which not only creates the possibility of creating optimal shelf-life but also offers a solution for declaration issues.

You are an end-consumer and interested in what our product does for you? Orgacure® Freshcut increases food-safety, reduces pathogens on the fresh produce, it makes fresh-cut produce cheaper and increases the availability of convenient improvement of your health.





Fresh Potatoes


Fresh Convenience


Snack and Bakery Apples



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