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The bottleneck of today´s fresh-cut processing industry lies in the expensive cost of anti-browning solutions. Especially when applied in a batch system where the solution is used only once and then disposed (typical for smaller scale processors). A continuous application where the concentration of the solution is observed and regularly refreshed bears additional hindrances as commercially used anti-browning solutions do not have anti-microbial properties and therefore require a time consuming two-step application.

Orgacure = Sanitation + Anti-Browning 

In response to this, Orgacure has developed Orgacure® Freshcut, a water additive which requires 80% less input material than currently used products, thus significantly reducing the cost for batch applications. In addition, Orgacure has anti-microbial properties which allows to accelerate the processing speed by combining sanitation with anti-browning into one processing step.

See how much Money you can save by using Orgacure® Products!

By answering six simple questions, Orgacure is able to provide you with a comprehensive report about the attainable cost of application (EUR/Kg Fresh-cut). If you enter exact figures, the report becomes more precise. If the exact information is not known, please indicate the range. Orgacure will get in contact with you via the details you provide. You will receive the report as soon as possible, usually within three (3) working days.


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