Orgacure® Spray (BLUE) – Export only

ORGACURE® (BLUE): Antimicrobial water additive for cleaning and disinfection of organic and sensitive surfaces. ORGACURE® is mild to hands (pH5), it kills 99.9% of the bacteria and is suitable for daily hygiene. Applied with regular water only ORGACURE® is effective and economic in use and reduces package and transport. For professional and domestic use.

  • Kills 99.9% of the bacteria
  • Eco-friendly and mild: pH5
  • Mild to hands and sensitive surfaces
  • Made of organic acids and organic and inorganic salts only
  • Non-Alcohol/Peroxide/Chlorine
  • Reusable System: Reduces Package and Transport
  • Tab water only needed
  • Ready in seconds, mixes during refill
  • Economical: From $2/Liter
  • Professional quality for longer lifetime

Available sizes:

600ml (20fl oz) empty spray bottle starter set including 1 cartridge (9g [0.3oz]) for 600ml (20fl oz) cleaner/disinfectant. MOQ: 50 starter sets per box
Refill kit (18g [0.6oz]) of 2 cartridges for 1.2lt (0.3gal) cleaner/disinfectant. MOQ: 200 refill kits per box
Refill kit (45g [1.6oz]) of 5 cartridges for 3lt (0.8gal) cleaner/disinfectant. MOQ: 100 refill kits per box

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This product is made for export only and not sold to customer within the European Union (EU), European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland. EU/EEA/Swiss customer: Please visit our website

Use disinfectants safely. Always read the label and product information before use.



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Orgacure® Spray (BLUE) Safety Data Sheet (SDS) – Export only


Q: Do I need to use hot water?
A: No, both cold or warm water works fine.

Q: Do I need to shake the bottle after filling it with water and Orgacure?
A: No, it mixes during filling automatically within seconds.

Q: Does the bottle need to be completely empty before refilling?
A: Yes, to ensure consistent cleaning power.

Q: How many times can I reuse the bottle?
A: Virtually unlimited as the sprayer set is of professional quality for longer lifetime.

Q: Is the product safe for homes with pets or babies?
A: For sure, all ingredients are food grade quality and generally recognized as safe (GRAS).

Q: What if I put more than 1 cartridge in the bottle?
A: One cartridge usually suffices for the most cleaning jobs. Using more is not better.

Q: Can I use it for electronic equipment (TV, monitor, smartphone)?
A: Sure, Orgacure is sensitive to delicate surfaces such as LED screens. Orgacure is free from alcohol and contains no abrasives.

Q: Does Orgacure test on animals?
A: Absolutely not! Also, no animal derived materials are used to make Orgacure.

Q: Are there any temperature requirements for keeping the bottle or the cartridges?
A: Both bottle and cartridge(s) should be kept cool and dry and out of direct sunlight.

Q: Where can I buy ORGACURE® (BLUE)?
A: ORGACURE® (BLUE) can be purchased at or directly via our webstore:

Q: Is there a time in which the filled bottle needs to be used to be effective?
A: Yes, the prepared Orgacure Spray need to be used up within 30 days. After the solution will discolor naturally, however this has no effect on the cleaning result.

Q: How long can I keep unused filled cartridges?
A: Up to 18 months. Please check the expiry date on the package of the cartridge.

Q: How can I return empty cartridges to Orgacure B.V.?
A: Put the included return sticker of the Refill Set on the package filled with the used cartridges including the clasp and drop it at the next post box or post office.


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