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Orgacure® Travelaid is an All-in-One wash for safety, health and convenience of fresh produce, it’s economical and made of sustainable resources.

  • Economical and sustainable process
  • Antimicrobial
  • Liberates consumers from washing fruits
  • Extended shelf-life
  • Reduces pesticides
  • Clean label
  • Keeps native taste
  • Limits risk of cross-contamination
  • Safe, reliable and quick applied (Powder and Tablet)
  • Safe to dispose directly into sewer
  • Industry proven and patented technology
  • Instant food safety

Available packaging sizes: 700g (25oz) pouch, 10 (20)kg (22/44lb) box, NEW! 7g (1/4oz) tabs / 5kg (11lb) box


Interested? For more information click on the product information sheet (PDF).


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Orgacure® Travelaid Food Safety

Orgacure® Travelaid Manual

Orgacure® Travelaid Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

Orgacure® Travelaid Product Specification

Orgacure® Travelaid Declaration of Conformity


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